Monday, December 13

Winter Wonderland Weekend in Review

Apart from my irritable mood Friday, which I thought could be cured by going to the craft store to find a new project, but which was quickly ruined by one stupid fender bender ON THE SHOULDER, this past weekend was fabulous!  

When M finally got home from work on Friday, we headed to our favorite Mexican place down the road.  I'm pretty sure I could eat there all the time.  Anyway, we enjoyed some impossibly prompt service (as in we ordered a cheese dip and taco salads.  Our cheese dip came out, and then almost immediately the waiter brought our entrees) and margaritas before heading to our friends' house to meet for drinks.  M's college friends were gathering at their house for drinks to celebrate their friend being in town from Atlanta.  What I intended to be a couple drinks turned into excessive drinking my part and I was actually kinda embarrassed.  Oh well, you only live once, right?  We got home around 11:30 (late for us!) and crashed.  Saturday morning was cold and bleak looking.  We dozed until about 10 when we decided we should eat breakfast and run errands.

While at Lowes (errand number 1) looking for a new light fixture for the kitchen, M's friends texted about having lunch.  We headed to meet them in drizzly, depressing rain.  After a wonderful (but quite long and slow) lunch at Melrose pub, it was very rainy outside and M and I decided to forgo our other errands after a speedy trip to the grocery to get the essentials.  Once we got home, we continued to laze about until it was time to get ready for his office Christmas party at Morton's.  This is when I should show you a picture of how awesome and smokin' I looked in my dress, but sadly, we didn't take a single picture...well someone from his office did, but I may never see it.  

Side note about the dress, which I got such a great deal on: I put it on Saturday night and noticed one of the fake gemstone thingies was missing from its bracket.  I was going to sew on the replacement, but then decided I didn't have time.  I was a little peeved that such an expensive dress was already missing part of its decoration.  Then, while we were at dinner, I noticed that the others were loose!  I only have one replacement gem.  Guess I'll have to put aside some time to tighten the stitches.  M said I should return it (which I already cut the tag off that's required for returns) or write/call and complain.  I will probably do option two, I just need to remember to.

Anyway, so I looked smokin.'  I had debated on whether to curl or straighten my hair, but after the heavy downpour started, I came to the conclusion that merely blow-drying and letting my hair do its own thing (which would happen in the rain anyway.)  Looked pretty good if I say so myself...that is until we pull up at Morton's and the valet guy goes to escort me from the car but the rain is pelting sideways and he's walking behind me so the whole umbrella is pointless.  I just hurry as quickly as possible to the door. 

Once inside, though, dinner was wonderfull!  We were right on time and were 2 of 6 people present out of 40 or so?  His boss had reserved a private room, so there was plenty of mingling, pre-dinner drinks, and appetizers (the biggest shrimp for shrimp cocktail I've ever seen, y'all.)  After about an hour of enjoyable mingling, we took our seats.  The dinner was 4 courses: salad, soup, main and dessert.  I had a mixed greens salad that was okay, it has bleu cheese, which I don't love.  They didn't have a soup option on the menu (nor did it even mention we'd be having soup), but it wasn't the best lobster bisque I've ever had.  My steak was a cajun ribeye that's flavor was divine, but undercooked for my "medium" request.  The dessert trio was by far the best part (besides the potatoes with the steaks.)  Each serving came with a small piece of cheesecake (which was a bit on the dry side,) a delectable personal chocolate mousse and some berries with fresh whipped cream.  It was divine.  We sat down at our tables about 7:30 and weren't done eating until about 10:30/11.  It was a lot of fun, though.  James, M's boss, gave them each a baggie with $50 worth of poker chips in them for their trip to Vegas which is projected to be in April.  I've gotta start saving my leave so I'll be able to go!

We didn't go to the after party, which many of his coworkers were annoyed about, but we were tired and knew the rain would make for a long drive home.  We crashed again when we woke up.

Sunday morning resembled Saturday morning.  Laziness with breakfast.  I ran to target to get gag gifts for the Sunday night party and something for work while M stayed at home and wrapped another of my Christmas gifts :)  We watched it snow all morning/afternoon, and I cooked deviled eggs and made dip for the party.  

Our backyard

Mid-day before the snow stuck to the road

We were set to leave for the party at 4:20 when M's dad called and asked him to go salt his grandparent's driveway.  They have a helper come everyday and their steep driveway was to icy for her to get home.  On our way to his grandparents, we saw a truck that was ahead of us spin out of control and into a ditch on the other side of the road.  The civic that was between the truck and us just stopped in the middle of the road.  On a hill.  That was icy.  M and I enjoyed making fun of the folks in both the truck and the civic for their lack of caution.  From there, we took a turn that proved impassible as we started sliding while trying to get up the hill.  The friendly SUV that was tailgating us up the icy hill, had to back down so that we could, but instead of being patient, they decided to be an asshole and go around us in the left lane up the icy hill. We found an alternate route to his grandparents,' and it took 45 minutes for him to shovel and ice it.  We finally headed to our friends' house where we enjoyed delicious home-smoked bbq and other wonderful dishes our friends made.  Afterward, we played Dirty Santa.  M and I brought Asian Lounge, which his cousin gave him, and finger lights which I'd never heard of, but I thought were funny.  During the game, I opened these really neat beer goblets, but they ended up getting stolen from me.  For the replacement gift I opened, I received Mariah Carey's newst Christmas cd.  I wasn't too thrilled because I don't love Mariah, but oh well.  So M had number 8 and decided to steal the awesome beer goblets back!  Win!  

Much like this one, very heavy and fancy

After the game, I gave our friend Candice the Mariah cd because she was jealous, and I knew I wouldn't listen to it.  Then we watched Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which I'd never seen. Must've been part of my deprived childhood.  After the movie we headed home.  We didn't want to be out too late with the roads iced over.  It was a great weekend, and I absolutely cannot wait until this coming weekend when I'll get to see most of my college friends, including my friend Ashleigh who lives in Germany and whom I haven't seen in a year, and most of my relatives on my dad's side.  It's going to be busy but lots of fun!  Can't wait!

Pretending Ashleigh gave me my black eye


Thisisme said...

Gosh, that was a long post!! You certainly seemed to have a super weekend. Shame we couldn't see a photo of you in that dress! The goblets look really cool. It's really cold over here in England again today, but no snow in my part. I think that was really good that M cleared his grandparents' drive like that. Not so good having to do it before a night out thought!

Jumble Mash said...

You made me hungry with all that Christmas dinner talk. I'm off to order some lunch now:)

Bouncin' Barb said...

Wow, busy, busy, busy weekend. Sounded like fun. I don't miss the snow and ice of New England. No way, no how!

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