Thursday, December 9

The Good and the Bad....or should I say Ugly?

 In my 12 days of Christmas challenge (really 14 days...) I did a post on Christmas music.  I must add to that list because I have found new Christmas music that has changed my life.  

If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend you go now.  Dave Barnes' A Very Merry Christmas.  Quickly.  To itunes.  So your life is transformed like mine was.  And it's only $6.99.  Unbelievable!  I put it on Violet, my purple ipod, and have already listened through several times.  Totally awesome.  If you like Jennifer Love Hewitt, you should check out his music video for Christmas Tonight.  Cause it's awesome.

In addition to Dave Barnes' heavenly CD, I have fallen in love with a song by one of my all time favorite bands.  I have been saying for several years that my life would be absolutely complete if Coldplay released a Christmas cd.  Two of my all time favorite things (Coldplay and Christmas music) combined?  I would probably pee my pants out of joy.  Well friends, Coldplay didn't release a whole Christmas album, so I didn't pee my pants, but they did release a Christmas song...and it's ah-mazing.  I was going to embed it here, on my loverly blog, but I'm technologically challenged to the extreme.  So you'll have to go here or here.  It will make you oh so happy.  I promise.  Unless you're one of those weirdos like my ex-boyfriend who doesn't. like. Coldplay.  Yes, it's hard to believe there are people like that. 

If I could marry Chris Martin, I would.  It would probably be easier, though, if M could sing and play piano like Chris Martin.

One of my sorority sisters posted a link to People this morning, and more specifically, this image:

The caption for the photo reads: Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo spread some holiday cheer Wednesday at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, where they joined a patient in doing a sorority hand sign for his girlfriend.
Yay Delta Gamma!  How exciting.  Even though I don't really care for Nick Lachey, it was cool for DG to be referenced on People's website.

And now for the Bad Ugly.  Some people are just genuinely horrible human beings.  In this particular instance I'm referencing Fred Phelps.  Now, he's not quite Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot.  He hasn't killed massive amounts of people.  He hasn't started any wars or planned terrorist plots.  But he has said and done some terrible things.

Fred Phelps and the members of his Westboro Baptist church (which is made up predominantly of his family and should not ever be considered a "church"), are notoriously known for picketing funerals.  Initially gay hate crime funerals, he and his members also picket funerals of soldiers who have served our country. 

Now, the Westboro Baptist church plans to picket Elizabeth Edward's funeral. 

I just don't understand how someone can genuinely not care that someone's family is mourning a loss, but they will make it a painful experience and leave them with a depressing memory: morons condemning their loved ones to hell.  

To me, that is not Christian.  In any way.  I don't understand how Mr. Phelps has the audacity to "play God" and assume who does and doesn't go to hell.  

I know this last bit of my post is a bit incoherent, but I just hate him so much and think he is a foul excuse for a human being.  I hope that when he passes away, every single person in the US of A pickets his funeral.  Ok, I realize this isn't plausible, but maybe his family would finally see the harm that it causes.

At least it's almost Friday...


Jumble Mash said...

Alright, let me start off by making you hate me and saying that I do not like Coldplay. At all. Sigh. I did try to like them, though. Can I get some credit?

Moving on...what in the hell is wrong with people? Picketing a funeral?? Really? That's just awful.

Ingrid Gray said...

JM, it's ok, I still like you. I read your about me and see you like Grey's Anatomy...I do not. Are we still cool?

Bouncin' Barb said...

Hi Ingrid. I enjoyed reading your post. I'm not a Cold Play lover either but everyone has their own tastes and that's what makes us individuals. Also I too have to agree about how sick some people are in this world. That's just plain mean. It's attention that they are seeking. There should be a mock funeral so they picket the wrong one! haha. That would be good actually!

Jumble Mash said...

*Gasp* No Grey's Anatomy? Ok...we are even :)

ib said...

Ingrid, I love the name Ingrid. It's so much fun to say. Sorry. That is totally inappropriate.

I don't mind Coldplay. In fact, I have a few of there albums, but I am not a fan of good bands covering Chistmas songs. It's okay for the likes of Yanni, Dolly Parton or Barry Manilow but I have to draw a line somewhere.

The best thing that anyone can do is pay no mind to that kooky minister. He is a tool on a power trip who cares only to further himself. There is a word for that and it is Greed. If we are lucky, he will wake up in the morning, walk outside to get his mail and be fately wounded by a pack of rabid bush babies.

pirategeek9 said...

I totally agree with you on Fred Phelps. There aren't many people that I will openly say that I hate, but I hate Westboro Baptist. I'm also not one to judge people, but I'm fairly certain there's a special place in hell reserved for that lot.

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