Tuesday, December 7

Blatant Rudeness

I'll preface this post with the fact that I'm in an unexplainable foul mood.  It came from nowhere while I was at the grocery store, but this instance didn't help things...

I was in the bread "aisle," you know, in search of a loaf so I can take some sandwiches to work.  There were several people coming and going, blah blah.  I went straight for the bread I always buy and in front of the only section I want, is a cart.  It's not off to the side out of the way.  It's directly in front of the bread I want.  No big deal, right?  No.  The occupant of the cart, we'll call him Asshole, and his son, Asshole-in-training have just put a loaf of bread in their cart next to their huge stack of coupons.  Then Asshole walks away.  There his son stands by the cart.  Still in the damn way.  It's not like it's a question of which loaf of bread I'm trying to get to.  

I finally go to the end of their cart and lean over the damn thing and start pulling out loaves looking at the expiration dates to try to get the longest lasting.  The kid just freaking stands there.  He sees me.  We made eye contact.  And the damn kid just stands there some more.  I only pull out like three loaves which is all I can reach, the date's the same on each one, so I stick it in my basket and storm off.

I mean.  Shouldn't Asshole have trained his son to be a gentleman?  I'm not asking for a freaking knight in shining armor, but I am asking for decency.  When I shop at the grocery, if I'm aware that I...or my cart/basket...are in someone else's way, I make an effort to either get my item and move out of the way, or step back while I deliberate so that someone else may access the section they are looking at.  It's common courtesy.  

I'm sure my foul mood is because of hormones, but I will use Asshole and Asshole-in-training as my scapegoat.  

Has anyone else had idiot people unnecessarily set them off? 


Jumble Mash said...

I completely agree. I always complain about people who just stand there with their carts and won't move. Or the people who have just run into someone they know and insist on having a reunion in the middle of the aisle. I would like to run them all over with my cart.

pirategeek9 said...

This same kind of thing happened to me the other day and it really cheesed me off. One cart was sitting in the aisle with the owner of it on the other end of the aisle, the other cart had it's owner, but was sitting right next to the orphan cart, so the aisle was COMPLETELY blocked. One of these days, I'll just plow through aisle blocks.

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