Thursday, December 30

We're gonna party like it's....1989?

I seem to be stuck in a time-warp.  It seems that everything this week is pointing to 1989...or maybe the early 90s.

I admit, I am a child of the late 80s early 90s.  Growing up, my mother bought me stirrup leggings.  I hated stirrup leggings.  If she made me wear them, I was defiant and left the stirrup sticking out above the back of my shoe.  I thought she would get the point and buy me normal leggings.  

I went shopping on Monday with my best friend.  We are really weird and always have a goofy time when we're together.  I've been opposed to the "jegging" movement for a while, but I read this blog post and genuinely thought that I should buy some.  So I told Brandon that I wanted to run to the mall and possibly get buy some.  
[**I bought some skinny jeans and they bunch too much to be worn in my cute grey boots, thus the need for jeggings]

Brandon joked that maybe I'd find some jeggings with stirrups.  We thought it was hysterical.

Brandon's a gap junkie, so while we were at the mall, we had to run in (I was also on a mission to find a cute NYE outfit...)

I legit found jeggings.  With stirrups.  On sale.  Plus an additional 40% off.  It was too great to pass up.  I got jeggings with stirrups that were originally $70 for $26.  Go me.  Hellooooo 1989.

So it'd be no big deal if that was it.  Nope.  Today I got to work (and now I honestly cannot remember what aroma I got a whiff of to remind me of this) and smelled the bubble bath that came with my bubble bath barbie.  Now, I probably really got her in '90 or '91, but the smell brought me back to such a wonderful time.

I tried to find a picture of bubble bath barbie, but failed.  Sorry.

On Sunday, M offered to extract my CD burner drive from my desktop, which I don't use hardly ever anymore, and put it in an external drive which is converted to a USB adapter so that I can import and burn CDs to and from my itunes (my netbook doesn't have a disc drive.)  While he was shredding information off an old hard drive, he was looking through his closet and found his old Nintendo game boy.  He took it out, turned it on, and frowned.  The batteries were a no go.  

I'm a great girlfriend, though, and bought a pack of AA batteries while I was at Target.  Now it's 1989 in our house as we take turns sitting by the lamp (no backlight, folks) playing Tetris.  We play it on the couch, we play it in bed.  It's AWESOME!  Who knew that in the age of Wii and Xbox we could still be enthralled by a game boy?  Well, I don't have a Wii or Xbox, so I guess I'm simple minded.  But I don't care, because I'm determined to make it past level 11 of Tetris! 

I guess all this 1989 business is just preparing me to kick-off the 90s with my sweet New Years Eve plans.  Several of my college friends and their boyfriends are going to see "My So-Called Band" (a 90's cover band) at Mercy Lounge.  It should be a rockin' time.  Last year I spent NY with my high school friends, and M went downtown, so I'm pumped to ring in the new year with  him for the first time!  Part of me is sad, though, because it'll be the first year I haven't celebrated with my high school friends since 2002-3.  Crazy!

I hope y'all have a wonderful (and safe!) time celebrating!  Here's to all the wonderful things 2011 will bring!  See you next year!  


Bouncin' Barb said...

Thanks and just be safe out there. Happy New Year!!

Hayley said...

Hope you have a wonderful 2011!

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