Friday, December 3

I resolve...

{11} New Years Resolutions

I must admit, I've never been very good at the New Years Resolutions.  I think the premise is great; think of flaws/faults your have and spend a year trying to improve upon them.  Swell.  Except that I'm perfect.

Totally kidding.  I have as many flaws as the next gal, but I just find it difficult to pinpoint something specific to improve.  And then the fear kicks in: I'll succeed in improving that aspect of my life, but what if other areas falter because I did?

New Years Resolutions always make me think of my favorite show, Friends.  In season 5, each Friend makes a resolution at the New Years party.  It's such a great episode and it leads to Ross's leather pants incident and great lines from Phoebe and Rachel.

Phoebe: "I don't like to fly in the rain!"

Rachel: "Would you call Ted Koppel a gossip?"
Monica: "If he talked about his coworker's botched boob jobs, yeah."
Rachel: "What?! They were like this <points in different directions>!"

So I guess my resolution this year will be to be the best person I can be.  That encompasses a lot of aspects.  I would like to eat healthier, exercise more, talk about people behind their back less, give to the community with both my time and money more, and just all around improve my relationships and friendships.  It's easy to want to do this, but I often find the motivation hard to come by.  Perhaps this year, I'll be able to be more of a go-getter/doer than a lazy couch potato.

Hah, perhaps my NYR should be to give up facebook.  Wouldn't that be a riot?

Good luck with your resolutions if you have the will-power to stick to them!


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