Thursday, December 23

SANTA! I know him!

When M was half on the floor half on the air mattress at the cabin this past weekend and I tried to wake him, he half woke and said "Santa! I know him!"  It made me happy.

JM posted about how/when she knew Santa wasn't real (which TOTALLY shocked me...he isn't real?!).  She encouraged others to share their story of finding out Santa wasn't real.

I don't exactly remember all the details, but I do know that in 4th grade (I would've been 10) I already suspected he wasn't real [The street I grew up on had a ton of kids my age, mostly boys, and I'm sure one of them told me], but my mom confirmed it that year.  I had asked for Beanie Babies (because they were all the rage.)  I can't remember if I asked for specific ones that year, but I received the pink flamingo from a friend at school.  Well, Christmas morning, I woke up to find that "Santa" had brought me the same pink flamingo.  Vividly in my mind I can remember my mom and I walking down the hall at our local shopping mall and talking about the things she needed to return and in regards to Pinky, she outright said "Oh, I have the receipt for that somewhere."  She affirmed what I already thought to be true.

My best friend at the time was a year younger than me, and I of course ran straight to her and spilled the beans, ruining her childhood.  Her mother was not very happy with me and brought it to the attention of my mother.  My mother's response was "she's in 3rd grade, she should know by now."  
I'm pretty surprised my older brother never ruined it for me.  Maybe he thought he wouldn't get anymore presents!

On another note:

It is common knowledge that I'm obsessed with A Christmas Story.  Today I was randomly perusing the museum's website and stumbled upon the gift shop.  There are some must-haves in their stock.

{1}   Christmas Story Kitchen Set.  The only reason this is really a necessity is because of the option collection of cookie cutters it comes with.  A leg lamp, pink bunny suit, the house and a star, plus an apron, a cookbook and a collector's tin.  It's awesome!  I could make Christmas Story cookies every Christmas! 

{2}  These Bodacious Pint Glasses...although I don't know which set I want!

{3}  There're some great coffee mugs I have my on for my dad for next Christmas.  He, just like my brother and I, loves the movie and coffee.  What greater combination is there?

{4}  "The Old Man" or "Ralphie" talking action figure.  Then I wouldn't have to watch the movie to hear some of my favorite classic lines!

{5} Number 5 is an item I absolutely DO NOT need, but I think it is absolutely hysterical!  There is a Christmas Story snuggie!  I kid you not.

Wow.  It amazes me what people come up with.  Which reminds me, in all of this searching I have been reminded of what my Halloween costume was going to be this past year which I'll just have to be for next year.  I am going to be the leg lamp from a Christmas Story!  It'll be hilarious!

This will be my last post until after the Holidays because I plan on avoiding the computer at all costs.  It'll be a nice little vacation for my eyes and my brain.  

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy spending time with close family and friends.  May Santa bring you everything you wished for this year!  Stay warm and safe! :) 


Bouncin' Barb said...

I have more newfound love for this my favorite movie thanks to this post! What great stuff. Merry Christmas!!

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