Wednesday, November 24

Wee Bit Wednesday

I've decided to start participating in Wee Bit Wednesdays, so here goes!

{one} what kind of camera do you have? Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS Digital Elph.  It's blue and pretty, but just your basic point and shoot digital camera

{two} you just won $1000 and you have to spend it on yourself on one item. what do you buy? Probably a lap-top or desk top.  Or maybe a kick-ass TV 

{three} if you had to choose, would you rather live with your parents in the same house forever or 5000 miles away? Hmm, this is hard because I love my parents dearly, but we lived in a pretty small 3- bedroom house.  I guess with them forever because I'm never gonna be rich enough with my history degree to come see them all the time from 5000 miles away
{four} is your christmas tree up yet? Not yet.  The one in my office is.  My family's putting up the Elmore tree on Sunday, and M and I won't put ours up for a week or two because we're gonna get a real one

{five} do you bring reusable bags to the grocery store? I wish I did.  We own a whole bunch of them, but I always forget to grab them when I'm going to the store 

{six} which would be worse: listening to the same song on replay for the rest of your life or having to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life? listening to the same song on replay the rest of my life.  The same meal would get dull, but at least it could be my favorite foods, the song would drive me up the wall.

{seven} name 3 things you are thankful for this season. M, my family, and living a fairly comfortable lifestyle 

{eight} do you dye/highlight your hair? if so, do you do it yourself or have it done at the salon? No, I haven't dyed my hair in about 2-3 years.  I used to use a bottle and have only had it dyed once at the salon 

{nine} would you rather watch a movie at home or at the theater? At home.  My legs get restless at the theatre, but at home I can pause and get up and go to the bathroom, fix snacks, etc.  Plus, then I'm not paying an arm, a leg and my first born child to see a movie.

{ten} would you rather win $1000/week for life or $5 million all at once? $5 million all at once so I could buy a new car, and invest the rest so I could travel later in life.


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