Monday, November 22

Rocky Top will always be Home Sweet Home to me!

This was a great, but jam-packed, weekend.  M and I have been looking forward to this game for a long time.  He is almost the perfect man with his one flaw being his allegiance to Vanderbilt.  He did graduate from there, so at least it's justified.  When we started dating, I thought how fun it would be to get to have an inhouse/instate rivalry.  Since we started dating in December, we didn't get to experience football season together.  After months together, we finally got to experience our first football season.  Both our teams have new coaches this year and both our teams have played miserably all season.  When we went to Knoxville for my birthday weekend/UT vs. Florida game, we told my friend Carolyn that they should come to Nashville in November for UT/Vandy.  Turns out, the majority of my college group of friends came in town (several are from Nash originally and are either still here, or are in grad school.)  Carolyn came in town early to see Harry Potter on Thursday night.  Friday I gave her my house key so she wouldn't be stuck at the house all day long while I was at work.  When I got home, I popped in the shower while we discussed plans for the night. 

Her boyfriend, John, had flown to DC for a job interview and requested that his return flight go to Nashville so that he would be here for the game and festivities.  I figured Caro, M, KJ and Joel would grab a low-key dinner before picking John up at the airport at 9pm.  Turns out, our friends all wanted to get together for dinner.  We finally managed to get a headcount for dinner of 8 and tried to figure out where we could get in and out in time to get to the airport to pick up John.  We opted for Pizza Perfect by Hillsboro Village.  We had a good time at dinner and left the group telling them we'd meet back up with them after we dropped John's stuff by the house.  M had told his friend Adam he would run the lights for his band's show, so he was going to meet us out later.  We ended up only going one place, which was kind of disappointing because Caro and I wanted to take John downtown to Broadway for some honky-tonks and Big Bang dueling piano bar, but Kim was adamant about wanting to go to Whiskey Kitchen.  It was a pretty cool bar, and it turns out our waitress was one of our sorority sisters, which was pretty funny.  I found $5 on the way from the car to the bar.  Win!

M met us there, but it was really loud and I was pretty tired (I can only blame myself because of the midnight HP showing,) so we didn't stay too much later.  We got home around 1 am where we pretty much fell straight into bed.  

Saturday morning we woke up relatively early, it's hard not to with a 65lb puppy-dog who thinks she's a small and discrete lapdog.  <3 Sally.  I made breakfast while folks took showers.  Over breakfast we made a game plan to send John and M on with Jill's jeep to find a tailgate spot while we ran to the grocery and liquor stores.  Best idea ever.

We managed to spend $100 at the store buying hot dogs/hamburgers/etc.  We found the guys and determined that they had found the perfect tailgating spot, albeit possible sketchy.  Turns out it was parking for the rec center, so you were supposed to have a permit, so there was the ever-so-sleight possibility that Caro and Jill's cars could get towed.  Jill decided to move hers to a garage and drama ensued with our friends not wanting to park their cars there at the risk of getting towed, but expecting to be able to dump all their tailgate valuables in our Honda Accord.  Once we got the drama sorted out, the fun began.

M did most of the grilling on Carolyn's brother's really neat-o tailgate grill.  It folds flat and has wheels and tiny propane tanks.  Totally awesome.  We got there around 12:30 and the game wasn't until 6:30, so we had plenty of time to eat, drink and play cornhole.  People came and went visiting the tailgate, many sticking around for the whole thing.  I didn't feel very drunk, but things seem hazy about the game, so I guess I had more than I thought.  Anyway, so we cleaned up and then headed to the stadium, with M's excellent guidance.  Caro, John, M and I bought tickets together, so we found our seat and proceeded watch a one possession victory for UT.  M did not care for all the obnoxious UT fans around us, and his annoying girlfriend didn't help (whoops!)  We shared some delicious nachos and stuck the game out right until the end.  Surprisingly, it wasn't that cold.  Even though Vandy lost, it was a great first rivalry game for M and I.  He suggested we frame the tickets.  He's precious!

We all met back at the car where we proceeded to decide on a late night trip to Waffle House.  I had a delicious waffle and crispy bacon.  

I tend to hit a wall.  When I do, I want nothing else but to go to sleep.  This happened at Waffle House.  I managed to hold on to consciousness long enough to get home, unload the car and put on pj's, but then I crashed while M cleaned up.  Sleep was wonderful.

Sunday we woke, and I got in the shower knowing we had to meet my parents for brunch at 10:30 for my brother's birthday (which was Saturday.)  Trying to hustle 3 friends and one boyfriend to get ready, packed, and out the door by 10:15 is no easy task, folks.  Finally M and I had said goodbye and were on our way.  Good thing I was driving since I have a lead foot.

We got to Copper Kettle, and I wasn't feeling that great.  While we were there, I ran into two of my favorite high school teachers: Ms. Taylor my French teacher and Ms. Justus my freshman English and senior Film as Lit teacher.  

M took my car after brunch, and mom, dad, Drew and I went back to the house to play some family games.  Animosity ensued.  Fun times.  Mom took me back home since I was without car.  M's dad was at our house when I got there while M fixed his computer.  He bought us pizza for dinner and left after his computer was fixed.  M and I watched the rest of my Mad Men disc and went to bed.  

We both agreed that we had a great weekend, but we missed having any minute of alone time.  When my alarm went off this morning, I could've used another 3 hours of sleep.  

I had a great weekend and was so glad to see my friends, but I'm definitely grateful for a three day and semi-relaxing week!  Planning/entertaining for so many is definitely exhausting!

Tomorrow I'm starting a 12-Day of Christmas blog challenge!  I'm very excited.  You can check out the details here if you want to participate.


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