Wednesday, November 24

Black Friday and Shopping!

{2} Black Friday/General Shopping Tips and Tricks

Growing up, we never really participated in Black Friday.  My mom's not a big shopper and she and my dad would typically take a day off work to do all their Christmas shopping so they didn't have to fight the crowds.  In high school and part of college, I worked retail, so I couldn't go shopping because I was stuck being a slave to the retail junkies.  Half-way through college, I started working at Bed Bath and Beyond and decided I didn't want to spend my few holiday days working.  I started going shopping with my best friend Brandon and his mom, Reda.

Now, Black Friday shopping for us isn't getting the best deal on Christmas gifts.  In fact, we typically don't do any Christmas gift shopping on Black Friday.  We're selfish and buy for ourselves.  In reality, though, we're helping the economy.  I've almost completed my regular Christmas shopping with only 1 or 2 gifts left.  This way, I've done my part by buying gifts for my loved ones AND shopping for myself.  Win/win situation!

Because I don't do my Christmas shopping and care about getting one specific deal, I don't have that much advice.  I guess my main thing would be to have fun.  I love to shop.  Try not to let the crazies interfere with the joy of buying gifts for others.

In regards to shopping tricks, since I did most of my shopping online, try and find places you can get free shipping. has free shipping on any purchase over $25.  AWESOME!  Try to get your shopping done at odd hours and times.  I find that the left over gifts I have to get that weren't available online, are much more enjoyable to buy on a random weeknight when the mall is fairly vacated.

Oh, and getting a Starbucks treat before hitting the stores is always a plus!  Happy Shopping! :)


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