Tuesday, November 30

Holiday Crafts and Disliked things about the Holidays

{7} Holiday Craft/DIY

I haven't exactly gotten around to my crafts/diy for the season, but I know my plans.

1) I plan on making our Christmas cards this season.  I looked at the Christmas cards at Target and just couldn't find any that I liked both the design and the message inside the card.  I went to Michaels and bought a pack of white notecards, a Christmas tree rubber stamp, some green ink and some some silver and red paint pens.  I'm gonna stamp the front and then write a message on the inside of the cards.  I feel like they're more thoughtful since I'll make the effort to make them all.  Much better than buying a pack and merely signing my name.  I'll post a picture of the finished project once I've completed it.

2) I plan on making loaves of pumpkin bread for our friends.  Gifts are too expensive to get for all of those who care and I have a great pumpkin bread recipe that makes 3 loaves per each batch.  I'll just wrap them in saran and tie a bow on top!

3) I hope to make a wreath.  Greenery wreaths are so expensive (both for real and fake ones) so I'm going to go to Michaels or Joanns to get a foam wreath and felt.  From there, I'll make rosettes and hot glue them all over the wreath.  Pictured below is an example made with book pages.  I plan on doing white and red felt flowers.  Should be pretty!

Must credit Stephanie Lynn for the idea + step-by-step

{8} Least favorite thing about the Holidays

I love the holiday season, so it's difficult to come up with things I dislike about Christmas, but I'll do my best:

1) Crowds/traffic.  I hate people moseying at the mall and waiting in the parking lot for that slow car to back out of a close spot.  Don't be lazy!  Park where there's a spot and get some exercise.  No wonder our nation's obese!

2) Cold weather.  Well, I take this back.  I like cold weather leading up to Christmas because it's festive and makes it feel like the holidays, but after December 25, I'm ready for spring weather!

3) People forgetting the reason for the season.  I feel like Americans get so caught up in buying gifts that the real reason for the season is lost.  Church has been put on a back burner for a lot of people.  The holidays should be about remembering the birth of Jesus and spending time with those we love.

It's hard to find things not to love about the holidays.  It's such a magical time!  I'm so excited to spend time with my loved ones and enjoy the season!

On another note, I heard "Tubthumping" on the radio this morning.  Hello 1997!  Dang that song's catchy.  Lovin' me some Pandora Christmas stations to get it out of my head!


Andrea said...

Let me know how that wreath turns out! I need to get into a craft store soon!
P.S. I bet my turkey sandwiches would have been waaaay better with a moist maker. damn

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