Tuesday, November 16

Christmas Presents

I'm itching to start buying presents.  Like....really itching.

I love to buy Christmas presents.  I love buying them, love wrapping them, love giving them, and love watching them be opened.  I love to shop for myself, but there's just something so rewarding about spending my hard earned money on those that I love.  

I e-mailed my mom my list yesterday, and included with it was some ideas for M.  Today, I spent a good portion of my day trying to figure out specifically what to buy him.  I have what I'm going to buy him narrowed down exactly, but I just have to decide on a couple precise designs.  His was the most stressful gift thinking I had to do.  As I've blogged about before, as an Elmore, if you don't make a Christmas list you don't get any gifts.  So as soon as Drew, Mom and Dad's lists have been submitted, I'll have my opportunity to claim which items I will buy my loving parents and brother.  I'm hoping that's soon!  I'm ready to buy, order and wrap!  

Drew's birthday is on Saturday.  Since so many of my dear friends will be in town this weekend for the UT/Vandy game on Saturday, we're gonna do something for his birthday on Sunday.  My parents have bought his b-day gifts, but I need him to send me suggestions so I can get him something before things get hectic!  

In all of this gift frenzy, I've started to wonder if M has thought about what he's getting me for Christmas or if he's just gonna wing it.  He hasn't asked me for ideas or asked to see my list, so I guess he's got something up his sleeve.  

Back in July when I had barely lived with him for a week, I was talking on my desk phone at work when my pearl earring mysteriously vanished from my ear lobe.  I looked everywhere at my desk and along the path I'd taken to the bathroom, but it was nowhere to be found.  My parents had given me my pearls for Christmas as a set with a necklace, so I was pretty bummed about it, but I was mostly concerned about the fact that now my earring was missing and KJ's wedding was only a few days away.  I called M and told him and he felt bad that I was upset about it.

Well, that night I had plans to go to dinner with my best friend B, who had barely just moved back to Nashville from school.  On my way to dinner, I received a text message from M telling me there was a surprise waiting for me on the table at home.  I assumed he brought home flowers or something since I was sad about my earring.  When I got home from dinner, I was really excited to see him.  As I'd said, we'd only lived together about a week, so I was thrilled to come home to someone so handsome and loving.  I got comfortable and sat down.  

M goes, "Don't forget about your surprise on the table..."
"Oh yeah!"  I leapt up and went to the kitchen.

M had bought me replacement pearl earrings.  It was the sweetest and greatest surprise ever!  I wasn't expecting him to go out of his way.

I have every confidence that he's been thinking about Christmas and is planning on buying me something spectacular!  I can't wait to spoil him with wonderful and extremely deserved gifts!  He has greatly brightened my life and I wish I could spend tons of money and buy him what he really wants, a $600 Sony flatscreen HDTV.  But that's not gonna happen, even though he totally deserves it!  

Hope everyone else's Christmas shopping is starting off without a hitch!  It's one of my favorite parts about the season (you know, minus the crowds and cold weather!)


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