Monday, November 15

Post Op Monday

I'm back at work and feel rather overwhelmed even though I don't have that much to do.

I went to my post-op this morning after only getting about 2-3 hours of sleep.  My incisions have been itching like crazy (unbearably so) for the past couple days.  It wakes me up and keeps me up at night.  I told the surgeon this during my appointment.  It's an allergic reaction to something, but to what, we're not sure.  She assumes either whatever they use to clean and prep your operation site, or the glue used with my bandages. sucks.  I don't think I've ever itched so badly.  So after her nurses/insurance ladies took turns checking out how bad my infection was, she prescribed a steroid to make it go away.  I've taken three pills so far and dear god, I hope it helps!  

I don't understand why I'm always a medical marvel.  When I had my hymen problem, it was the same way.  All sorts of doctors and nurses are invited to check out how abnormal I am.  Woot.

I had my prescription filled on the way into work and when I finally got here, Kendra goes, "I know you just got here, but I've got something for you to work on as soon as you put your stuff up."  Turns out, it was a little welcome back party by my fellow HR ladies and Austin.  It was small, but very sweet.  They're the nicest group of coworkers ever!  

So after that I had to sit at the front desk for an hour because our other front desk lady is our for surgery as well.  Then I went to lunch, which I spent half of at the Davidson County Clerk's office getting my tags renewed.  I'm now officially a Davidson County resident: drivers license, car tags and voter registration!

I've finally gotten to my desk to work on some paperwork.  I'm not going to have a full week of work again until the week after Thanksgiving.  I have a feeling the end of the year is just going to fly by!  I have so much to look forward to: 
  • Harry Potter midnight premiere on Thursday
  • Carolyn coming in town this weekend for HP and UT vs Vandy
  • Tailgating/Football/bar hopping fun Friday and Saturday since Carolyn and John are in town
  • Habitrot/Thanksgiving with M and my family
  • Predators game with M, KJ and Joel
  • Christmas tree decorating!!!
  • The Christmas season
  • M's office Christmas party (which I believe is at Morton's!)
  • Cabin in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge with my college friends and M in celebration of Ashleigh's visit home from Germany!
  • Christmas in Alabama when M will finally meet my Grandmother
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas
  • New Years
Such a busy time of the year, but I love it!  

I'm pretty tired today.  I'm hoping as I keep coming back to work, the long days will get easier.  Tomorrow will probably be kinda rough.

Mad Men season 2 disc 1 tonight!  M and I are addicted to it and Lie to Me!  Gotta love Netflix!


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