Tuesday, November 2


I learned of NaNoWriMo (formally National Novel Writing Month) through the world wide web.  Someone mentioned it on some blog I read, I thought nothing of it and moved on.

Yesterday, my cousin Heather, mentioned it on her facebook status, so I decided to revisit the website.  As I read about it, I thought, "I could totally do this, especially considering the week I'll have off work for my surgery.

Here's the gist...
  • You start writing on November 1 (I'm a day late) and the goal is to write a 175 page (or 50,000 word) novel by midnight, November 30.
  • The goal is quantity, not quality.
Basically, you register, write, read other people's work and if yours is decent enough, can be selected for an award.

This sounds GREAT.  I love to write, but am never motivated to do so unless I have pressure and a deadline to get it done.  I have two fears: fear #1 with this activity is that the longest story I've written is a mere 10 pages.  A whole novel will be quite intense.  My other fear is coming up with an interesting and worthwhile idea. 
So I'm gonna try it out and hope for the best.  The only thing that holds me back from writing, which I love, is that I struggle with brainstorming. 

And off we go!....


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