Friday, November 5

Green Glass Door: Chapter 2

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    Corrine jerked awake.  What an odd dream she'd had.  In her dream, the bee kept buzzing in circles around her head.  While she watched it, it seemed to be repeating "green glass glass door..." instead of the traditional bzzzz-buzzzzz-bzzzz.  How peculiar, she thought, something must've woken me.
    "Corrine!" her mother shouted from downstairs.  Ah, that was what woke me, she thought.
    She threw the blanket off herself and thumped down the stairs.  As she entered the kitchen where her mother stood, she stretched dramatically and gave a big yawn.
    "What's up mother?"
    "Do you have plans tonight?  Your father and I have a prior engagement, so we will not be around for dinner."
    Corrine tore open a candy bar and started munching away.  "Oh, I'll just eat something here, or I may go out with Daniel and his friends for dinner.  I like to keep my options open."
    "Oh honestly Corrine!  I taught you better than to talk with food in your mouth, it is grotesque."
    "Sorry, mother.  I hope you and father havea  splendid time."  Corrine headed to the backdoor, mocking her mother's stuffy air the whole way.  Once she was outside, Corrine sashayed down the path to the pond.
    She twirled her arms in the air as she basked in the afternoon sun.  This had been the best summer vacation of her life.  Sure, her parents were driving her bonkers, and she had fairly strict curfews, but she and Daniel had been seeing each other for a couple of months now, and she knew they were definitely moving forward with their relationship.  The only reason she was looking forward to starting her senior year in just a few weeks was to see Daniel on a daily basis, and to finally apply to colleges and escape the prim and proper world her parents had established for her.
    The pond grew closer, and Corrine smiled as she saw the sun beaming down and reflecting off the still, serene surface.  She broke into a run and stopped a few feet short of the water, where she saw a beehive she'd never noticed.
    How odd, she thought, that I dreamt of bees, and now there's a new nest full of them.  Her curiosity began to get the best of her.  She took a few steps forward, careful not to get too close.  "Green glass door," she whispered, "green glass door."  She was disappointed when nothing happened.  As she turned to skip along the pond, she heard the same buzzing she heard during her dream.  Green glass glass glass door.
    Startled, she turned back to face the beehive.  To her astonishment, one bee, who seemed slightly larger than the others in his company, was flying toward her.
    He landed on her crossed arms.  Green glass door, he buzzed.  She gave him a quizzical look and murmered, "what is the green glass door?"  With that, he buzzed along on his merry way.  Corrine stood there dumbfounded.  As she watched the bees swarm around the hive, she realized they were just ordinary bees.  Where had the larger bee come from?  She wished now that she had followed as he zoomed away. 
    She shrugged her shoulders and skipped along the path.  She too deep breaths and tasted the sweet air and smell of grass.  Finally, she came to her favorite spot on the other side of the pond.  The trees along the path that circled the pond made and archway, where she had created her own Eden.  She lowered herself onto the quilt she'd placed in the shade of the grove.  Beside her sat an old, upside-down, wooden milk crate, which she preceded to right-side.
    Revealed beneath the crate were her favorite treasures.  Amongst the trinkets were an old locket containing pictures of her old puppy Scooter and her Mammy, a folded photo of Daniel and herself skinny dipping at the beach, a music box that used to belong to her mother, her ipod, and a first edistion copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll that she had asked for and received for her sixteenth birthday.
    She picked up the pictures.  Smiling, she turned it over to see a sweet, albeit brief, note from Daniel: "My darling Corrine, I will cherish this memory always.  You've brightened my days.  Forever yours, Daniel."
    Once she'd placed it safely within the boundary of the crate, she withdrew her ipod and most beloved novel.  She rolled onto her back, turned to page one, and began the journey she'd so frequently ventured she could not longer keep count.  As she turned, page after page, her eyelids started to feel heavy.  She fought the inevitable until she was happily asleep.
    Her sapphire blue dress billowed in the breeze.  She stood on a cliff overlooking a deep abyss.  She wondered how she got here.  Slowly, she spun in a circle to absorb her surroundings.  As her hair whipped around her face with the ferocious wind, she had the oddest sensation that someone, or something, was watching her.  Then, as though she had been expecting it, she heard a familiar green glass glass door.  The buzz was faint at first, but grew in volume until the bee was right before her eyes.
    Again, Corrine jerked awake.  The bee really was right before her eyes.  "Green glass door?" she asked hopefully.
    The bee started to fly away.
    "Wait!" she asserted.  "I'll follow you!"  She scooped up the locket, photo, and her book, closed the rest of her treasures back under the crate, and walked confidently behind the bee.
    The bee buzzed his way deeper through the trees.  As Corrine followed, she was distracted by her surroundings.  She had never been deep into the woods behind her home because her elegant mother had scolded her as a child when she'd come home scraped and bruised with twigs in her hair.  The trees around her were mesmerizing, and she kept tripping over logs and roots, so she had to grab onto branches for balance.  The bee in front of her swayed this way and that as he buzzed along merrily.  Corrine had the distinct feeling that the be would turn, ever so slightly, to make sure she was still following.
    After what seemed like an hour's time of Corrine stumbling through the woods, insanely following a bumble bee she thought was talking to her, they seemed to enter a clearing.  Light was breaking through the thick branches which blanketed the soft green grass.
    Corrine glanced around.  The clearing appeared to be about 25 feet in diameter.  It looked like no one had ever visited before.  The grass looked untouched both by humans and animals.  The trees which surrounded the circle had the deepest colored bark and stood firmly 50 feet in the air.
    "Where am I?" she wondered aloud as she walked around.
    The bee glass glass door.
    Impatiently and with her back toward the inner circle, Corrine muttered, "yes, I know.  You've been saying that all day!"
    As she spun around, she realized that either by asking where she was, or by the bee's response, a mossy colored Green Glass Door had appeared, precisely in the center of the clearing.


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