Friday, November 12


How backwards is it that I'm excited it's Friday because it means I get to go back to work next week?

I am sick of being stuck at home and unable to drive anywhere.  Thank goodness for yesterday and today.  Wednesday I was stuck at home all day, when I only made it outside to take a walk up the street with M and Sally-dog.  Yesterday, my dad picked me up in the afternoon and drove me to my dentist appointment.  I felt like I was 14 all over again and my parents had to drive me everywhere.  Really lame.  I took a walk yesterday, too, so I got out a bit more, but M went to Yazoo Taproom after work yesterday, so I was super bored at home.  Today, though, I got to go to lunch and shopping!

KJ- the beautiful bride- and I
My best friend, KJ, is a nurse, so her schedule is pretty random.  She was off work last night and tonight, so she was able to come to my house.  We went to lunch and went shopping.  We initially went to Puffy Muffin in Brentwood.  They told us it would be 35 minutes, so we put our name down and went into the cute shops next door.  The stores had all sorts of cute Christmas decorations, so we had a great time looking for things for our houses.  When it was about time for our table to be ready, we went to check on the status.  There were still 11 people ahead of us and we were hungry, so we decided we'd just go to McAlisters.  When we got over there, though, we changed our mind and went to Bruegger's Bagels.  KJ had a BLT and I had a ham and cheddar panini.  Both were delicious.  

Leah and I before KJ's wedding
After we'd eaten, we remembered that a while ago we were going to go dress shopping because our high school friend Leah had asked us each to do a reading during her wedding in February.  The bridesmaids are wearing purple dresses (similar to the color of the bridesmaids dresses in KJ's wedding this past July.)  Initially we decided to hit up TJMaxx, but quickly realized we wouldn't really find anything appropriate for the wedding.  There's a cute boutique called Blush that's next to the Target near my house on OHB.  KJ fell in love with it!  She loved the great dresses and clothes.  I think she's gonna ask for a gift card for Christmas!  So we went in not know what exactly we were looking for.  I thought we should stick to black, silver/gray, and purple.  KJ found a black dress she absolutely adored and that looked freakin' awesome on her.  We also found matching purple dresses that were really cute.  We gave Leah a call to see what she would prefer, because she didn't give us very specific guidelines, and she was still as laissez-faire as before, so we inevitably decided KJ would be more likely to re-wear the black dress, and I already have a black dress, so perfect!  I decided I liked the purple dress, and knew M would like it because he hates most of my wardrobe as it is, so I decided to buy it.  It's cute and will be perfect for a date night, possibly our 1 year that's in 3 weeks?  We shall see.

I started to feel a tad under the weather while we were shopping (it's amazing how tired you get when you feel fine, but have recently had surgery.)  After we paid, KJ brought me back home and we made tentative plans to do something this weekend, and if not, I'll see her and her husband Joel on Thursday at the HP and the Deathly Hallows premiere on Thursday (I'm so FREAKIN' excited!)

I hate laundry day.  I did all my laundry yesterday, and I had a whole, whole, whole lot because M has been making me use a clean towel every time I shower to prevent infection with my wounds.  So I hate doing laundry like everybody, but it has to be done, so I get over it.  Here's why I hate laundry day:

Everything is finally clean and perfectly organized in your closet/dresser.  My hanging clothes are color coordinated (I'm not OCD, it's just easier for me to find my clothes/faster to get ready in the morning.)  So when all my clothes are clean, they're finally hanging in the right spots in my closet and I've actually folded and organized all my underwear, bras, sleeping shirts and boxers, etc.  It's an ordeal, a time-consuming ordeal.  And when my clothes are all laundered (as in, didn't just do a load of blacks/blues, but did ALL of it,) I feel the pressure to put all my shoes in their proper place, perfectly and neatly lined along the wall/in the shoe rack.

So people are probably like "that's great, who doesn't love a perfectly clean closet where they actually have every single article of clothing to choose from."  They probably think I'm crazy for being discontent when everything's clean.  I'll tell you why I don't like it:

When everything is clean, I don't want to wear any of it.  Today's Friday and I'm sure M and I will go out to dinner, either with friends or just date night, but I'm not going to want to mess up my nice, cute clothes because other plans where I might want to wear that dress might come up Saturday night.  I'm not going to do laundry all over again just for that one piece a day later!  

When I was in second grade, I had this hideously ugly dress.  It might've been by Esprit, not sure.  Anyway, it was ugly (ugly in retrospect, it might've been fine for 1995.)  My mom would finish up the laundry, hang it in my closet and BOOM, the dress would be on my body.  I didn't matter if the day was almost done and I'd been wearing something else all day.  I loved that dress.  Which is quite ironic, because I hated every other dress my mom tried to make me wear growing up.  This dress was cotton-y and super comfy.  I loved it.

So to this day,  I still have clothes like that.  And that's why I hate laundry day.  My clothes that I love are now nicely cleaned and properly sorted in my closet by color and I don't want to wear any of them for fear that if I get them dirty/messed up, I won't be able to wear them on X day to X location, when it would be the perfect opportunity because...Damn!  It's already dirty.  I don't know why I'm so concerned this week either because apart from work, my greatest plans are my HP movie plans Thursday night.  And since that's at midnight, I'm likely going to wear a sweatshirt and jeans to be both comfy and warm.  

Do other people have this issue/concern with laundry day?  It's so silly!  In a week or two I'm just going to have to do laundry again and then my cutest, most favorite articles of clothing will be neat, clean, and color sorted again.  I should just get over it.

Happy weekend!


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