Saturday, November 27

Most Meaningful Gift and Tips/Tricks to budget shopping

I'm running behind with my 12-Days of Christmas blogging challenge, so I'll do two-in-one today.

{3} The Most Meaningful/Best Gift You've received

This is hard.  I'm blessed and have received many things I've wanted growing up.  I'd have to say my top three would be:

1) Cruise with my high school best friends our senior year. We were on the dumpiest Carnival cruise ship, the Holiday, but we had the best time!  I knew it was what I was getting for Christmas, but regardless, I made such good memories with people who are still some of the most important people in my life.  

KJ, Me and Leah snorkling off the coast of Mexico

Brandon and I underwater while snorkling

2)  My pearl earrings and necklace set.  I asked for this in college and my parents bought it for me from ShaneCo.  They were really beautiful.  I lost one of the earrings about 6 months ago, but I still have the necklace.
3) My American Girl Dolls.  I loved them.  I played with them all the time and they were so fun to dress up.  I was always afraid I'd pull the string in the back and pull their head off!

{4} Tips/Tricks to a Budget Friendly Holiday Season

For holiday shopping, plan out how much you can afford to spend on each of your loved ones.  Map out your shopping and make a list to make sure you don't overbuy/overpay.  I prefer to do as much online shopping as possible to prevent buying stuff for myself when I'm at the mall.  Plus, many sites offer free shipping.  

Eat in more often during the month of December.  This saves a ton of money.  Chili and big batches of soup make several meals to get your money's worth, plus with the colder weather, it makes for a great meal.  Avoid going out for drinks to make your budget last.  This saves on calories and money.  

It's hard to find money saving tricks, but cutting back in small ways can make a huge difference.


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