Monday, October 18

Weekend in Review

I didn't have the opportunity to blog on Friday because in my 9 am meeting, I found out that I've been doing paperwork wrong since I started in July of 2009.  Turns out, for promotions, demotions, re-classes, etc (current employees,) I've been incorrectly leaving the application and other such personal forms in the filed packet instead of giving them to our imaging person to scan into the computer.  This means, that I spent the majority of Friday afternoon, and will continue today, removing industrial staples from the paperwork, removing the application, appointment letter, and other such important documents, re-stapling and refiling the paperwork.  And believe it or not, it's exhausting work fighting industrial staples.  They're mean.

Friday night, M and I went to Mexican.  I had delicious fish tacos and a margarita.  Margaritas are heavenly, but only if they're not too sweet.  Cinco de Mayo in Brentwood has the best fish tacos, and pretty darn good margaritas!

It's been a rather emotional weekend.  M found out on Friday that one of his friends' sisters passed away.  M spent the weekend with her at Lollapalooza, so he was pretty upset about the news.  So after dinner Friday night, we went out for a drink and then came home.  Saturday morning, M received an e-mail from his friend asking if people could come be with him in Atlanta Saturday night before he drove to Texas for the funeral.

We cooked breakfast, showered, and decided to go out on the lake for a while.  M's friend wouldn't be back in Atlanta until late Saturday night, so we picnicked on the boat for a couple hours, headed home, packed, and hit the road.  We had nice weather for the drive, and we made decent time.  We stopped in Chattanooga for dinner at a pizza place called Lupi's.  We got to Marietta about 9 pm.  

Side Story: While we were driving to his house, we passed a cop who had pulled a woman over.  As we passed, we saw the cop start to haul ass with his hand on his gun.  He suddenly came to a stop.  I guess he thought the woman had darted from the car and then realized he hadn't?  It was very odd indeed.

We were the first to arrive.  He had left the back door open, so we went in and M gave me a tour.  Others started to trickle in and finally Curt got home.  It was very much an emotional roller coaster has he recounted what had happened.  We stayed up pretty late swapping stories.  We finally went to bed around 2.  M and I had brought my fiberbed because we don't have an air mattress and knew we'd be sleeping on the floor.  I didn't sleep well because it was the floor, for starters, and M was snoring right in my ear.  We got up around 9:30 the next morning and several of Curt's Atlanta friends were cooking breakfast.  We were supposed to be at a picnic/fun day at Gentry Farm at 1 with M's company, but we knew staying and spending a bit more time with Curt was more important.  On our way home, I called my parents and invited them over for dinner.  We stopped at the store, got some pork-chops and stuff to make German potato salad.  We had a nice dinner with my parents, and M and I now have a spotlessly clean house!  

I'm pretty tired today, even though M and I both passed out pretty early last night.  It was a good weekend in many ways, but also a sad one. 

One last thing I'd like to share today.  Curt had these things called Buckyballs which were so neat and fun to play with.  I'm thinking of buying my brother some for Christmas.  We'll see.   


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