Friday, October 1

The Purpose of a Receptionist....

My job title is Administrative Assistant 2.  However, I really do the job description of either and HR Analyst 1 or 2.  In our HR office we have 25 employees or so.  Our office has two desks when you come in, occupied by F and S.  Everyone in office works a variety of hours ranging from 7-3:30 to 8-4:30 (the latter being my schedule.)  F works 7:30-4...but only Tuesday-Friday.  S used to work 8-4:30 but for some reason her children can't ride the bus, so she had to readjust her schedule after school started back so now she works 7-3:30.

On Mondays, when F isn't here (because she's part time, but a receptionist, none the less), we have a schedule where all other HR employees have a scheduled shift in the event that S has other things to attend to/isn't able to come in.  My shift is from 12-12:30.  No biggie.  I cover it when needed because I'm a nice person.  J, a coworker has the shift from 4-4:30 ever day since we no longer have a receptionist from that time. 

The point I'm trying to rant about here is the fact that we never have a receptionist from 4-4:30.  How is it possible to have two people who serve as receptionists, but neither of them can work from 4-4:30?!?!?

J's dad is very sick, so she's been out a lot over the last few weeks.  Well, there's approximately 3 or 4 people left in our office after 4, so for some reason it always falls on me to fill in when J isn't here.  I don't mind doing it occasionally, but I think the ultimate solution is to have a receptionist that works Mon-Fri until 4:30.  Logic here people.

Now, both F and S are very nice, friendly people.  S always asks me very nicely to cover my 12-12:30 slot, and if she needs me for other times she's sweet about it.  F typically is, too.  I come back from the bathroom this afternoon, though, and F immediately says "I'm going need you to cover the front desk today at 4."...she didn't say "can you, could you, would you mind?"  What if I had stuff to work on this afternoon that was super important.

I mean, obviously not since I'm typing an entry, but it's really not practical to get work done at the front desk because most of my stuff has social security numbers on it, and I can't leave it unattended.  But if I had had stuff to get done this afternoon, I wouldn't have been able to cover the front desk.  What're they gonna do on a day when F, S, J and myself all aren't here?  They'll be shit-outta-luck with no one to answer the phones or let people in the doors of HR.  Bummer.


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