Wednesday, October 13

Hump Day

I'm so glad it's Wednesday.  This week has seemed really long, and I've had very little to do at work.  We got a new tech at DOHR (department of human resources) and he is very frustrating, so we've spent the week complaining about him.  I've done the little bit of work I've had, but mostly I've been sitting here twiddling my thumbs. 

I've been in a relatively bad mood all week, too.  I'm not sure why...and I wish it would stop because I know I'm being rotten.  

M and I made chicken stir-fry last night.  It was easy and very, very tasty.  Afterwards, we watched two episodes of Lie to Me.  It's a pretty cool show and has me seriously evaluating the involuntary facial expressions we make.  Conveniently enough, season 1 is available for live streaming on Netflix, so we don't have to wait for discs to come.  Which is good because I'm still frustrated that Mad Men is still sitting in position #1 with short wait to the right.  Grrr.

I had a dream last night that I was in Massey, but that I was being pursued by Lord Voldemort.  My friends kept doing all that they could to hide me, but he finally caught up to me.  I tried with all my might to perform the Avada Kedavra curse, and he kept laughing and saying, "now, now, Ingrid, you have to mean it."  And I tried and tried.  And then my alarm went off.  Needless to say, I don't think I destroyed him.  Guess I'll have to leave it up to Harry.

Tonight's taco night, so I have to run by the store and get taco toppings because we only have beef and lettuce, oh and ja-lop-a-nos, which I don't eat on my tacos.

I know this post is all sorts of random, but that's kinda how I felt today.  I almost wrote a post about diesm, but then I decided that was too heavy for today and didn't feel like writing it.  Maybe another time.

They've freed 20 of the Chilean miners, HOORAY! 


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