Wednesday, October 27

Bucket List

I have spent the last two days working on a Bucket List.  There are so many things that I want to see and do in my lifetime, that I think this bucket list will constantly be a work in progress.  I am glad, however, to have some ideas/goals written down.  I have posted my bucket list as a page on my blog.  I'm sure it's overwhelming to read, so it's likely no one will, but I felt inspired.

It would've been a lot easier to make a list if I didn't want to go to so many places!  My list could go on for days.  I want to travel to every continent.  Simple enough, right?  Some continental desires are lesser than others.  I want to visit Antarctica to see the penguins.  This will be simple enough.  One trip, boom, I'm done.  In Africa, I really only have a desire to see Egypt for the Great Pyramids and Morocco for the awesome culture.  In Asia, I only want to see India, Japan and the Great Wall of China.  Autralia and South America have only a spattering of places, too, but North America and Europe will require a lot of time, a lot of trips, and worst of all, a lot of money.  I pretty much want to visit every European country, with the exception of maybe 10-15/47.  Yikes!  I'm ambitious and want to experience and see the wonderful monuments and places I've spent years studying in my history classes. 

In addition to all these places I want to see, I want to travel and stay by many different means: train, hot air balloon, motorcycle, camping, 5 star hotel, etc.

There's many experiences I want to have in my life as well.  Some adventurous like sky diving, bungee jumping, and cliff diving.  Some dull and uneventful like reading The Lord of the Rings, being on Jeopardy, and quilting. 

I think it's essential to have hopes, dreams, and attainable goals.  It makes life worth the living and gives you something to look forward to.  I hope that the majority of these goals are doable.  I don't want to look back at my list and think, "what was I thinking listing that as something I want to accomplish?" 

So here's to my future adventures, may they be as glorious as I expect.


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