Tuesday, October 26

Unexpected Storms

I remember when I became fully aware of tornadoes.  In 1998, when I was in 5ht grade, a series of tornadoes swept through middle Tennessee.  School started at 7:30 and as soon as I walked through the doors off the school bus, we were herded into the hallway to take cover.  After about 30 minutes we had the all clear to go to our classrooms.  My childhood best friend who had moved to North Carolina in 4th grade was in town visiting, I suppose it was her spring break.  Around lunch time we were again required to take cover in the hallways.  This time the drill was much more intense.  My elementary school was designed with the offices in the center, and each grade or two sharing a hallway which shot out of the center like rays.  At the end of each hallway was a double door to the outside.  I recall teachers pushing heavy storage cabinets in front of those doors.  We were in the hallway for such an extended period of time, that the lunch ladies brought lunch around on trays while we sat with our backs against the walls.
My brother was at school, and I can't recall where my mom was, but I remember being scared for my dad.  In December of 1997, my dad broke both of his arms playing basketball.  He was still unable to use both arms regularly and didn't go into work that morning.  I was worried that he was at home alone, wouldn't know about the tornadoes (this was before tornado sirens were commonplace in Franklin), and wouldn't take cover.  Turns out everything was fine with my family and our house, but others weren't quite as lucky.  I remember hearing about the damage done to downtown Nashville.

This was the first major tornado outbreak in middle Tennessee that I can remember.  Since then, there have been other terrible occurrences including horrible tornadoes in Hendersonville, Gallatin, and Murfreesboro.  I remember my freshman year of college, this event called "Carnuicus" was canceled because of impending tornadoes.  Instead, Carolyn, Ashleigh, and I foolishly went to the movies.

I'm not terribly afraid of tornadoes.  I would probably feel a lot differently if I had ever been face-to-face with one, or had my belongings torn apart because of one.  Sunday night through today, various parts of the United States, including Tennessee, has been under a tornado watch and warning.  This morning the sky was particularly gloomy and expectant of tornadoes, but I wasn't worried.  Turns out, all that I witnessed today was heavy rain, but others weren't so lucky.

The tornadoes weren't the only thing to fear today.  Most of my family lives in Alabama, which was also greatly affected by the severe weather over the past few days.  My mom's family is from Hartselle.  I logged onto facebook when I got home from work and saw that they church my cousins' all grew up going to was struck by lightning today and was destroyed.  Luckily, it seems no one was hurt, but I know my cousins, aunts, and uncles are devastated.  Several of them were married in the church, and they were all very active members.  Keep their congregation, and those who were affected by the storms, in your thoughts and prayers.


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