Wednesday, October 20

Kings of Leon

In honor of their new cd release yesterday, today's post is dedicated to Kings of Leon

When M and I first started dating, I had heard of Kings of Leon, and had actually heard a couple songs, but I hadn't really realized who I was listening to (I usually heard them on the radio or Pandora.) I liked what I'd heard, but I didn't really make much of an effort to hear more.  Then for Christmas, I got an i-tunes gift card in my stocking (yay Santa!)  I was totally sick of all the music I'd been listening to around that time, so I asked M to recommend some "must-have" songs for me to download.  He suggested Knocked Up by Kings of Leon.  Granted, by the time he made this suggestion, I'd ridden in his car several times and heard some of the songs I'd previously heard on the radio and a few others.  So I downloaded the song and the rest is history.  

I was out and about one night in Cool Springs and happened upon Best Buy (I can't remember if I went there for a specific purpose or if I was just killing time, but that's irrelevant.)  I meandered through the cd aisles and found myself looking for Kings of Leon.  I purchased their two most recent cds, Because of the Times and Only by the Night, and I fell in love. 

So, Kings of Leon is kinda from Nashville.  Growing up, the brothers traveled all around the south to wherever their father had preaching gigs.  When their parents divorced, the brothers moved to Nashville to work on their music.  Thus, by supporting them, I'm supporting a local band, in a way.

So their new cd came out yesterday.  Come Around Sundown.  I bought it.  I'm only on track 8 or so, but so far so good.  The three cds of theirs I have (which, by the way, I burn almost all cds now-a-days, and I actually own all store bought, complete with jewel case and album booklet, Kings of Leon cds) are so very different, without sounding like a different artist.  I like when artists change, but not so much that they are no longer who they were.  I know that doesn't seem to make any sense, but in my head it does. 

So if you like rock/alternative music, I highly recommend their new cd.  I'm eager to hear it all the way through.


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