Wednesday, October 6

Trivia Night

I am a trivia junkie.

This isn't even an exaggeration.  My family is pretty weird, and we're obsessed with board games.  Now when you hear this you might think: "oh, well they probably play lots of scrabble and monopoly."  Well, yes, we have played our fair share of scrabble and monopoly, but we play weird board games more than anything.  Some of our favorites include but are not limited to Ticket to RidePower GridCarcassonne, and The Settlers of Catan.  We also play funny games like Quao.  But anyway, often times we spend family game night playing Trivial Pursuit.  Growing up, we had a version that was from the late 1970s/early 1980s.  This version was awesome because the "geography" category had a lot of questions about the USSR, which Drew and I hardly studied, so our parents typically creamed us.  We finally upgraded to a more current version, and it is so much fun.  

I also heart Jeopardy.  I watch almost everyday at 6 pm.  I don't know why I love trivia and games like this so much.  I guess it makes me feel really good when I get an answer correct.   Especially when the champion from the game before is stoopid and doesn't know it.

So last night M and I went to trivia at Melrose Pub with a couple of his former co-workers.  We had been once before and did horribly.  The questions were absurdly hard and the girl who reads the questions was beyond annoying.  Yesterday afternoon M sent me a gchat asking if I wanted to go out to dinner instead of staying in (we haven't been grocery shopping in a couple weeks; we're down to the bare minimum.)  I agreed and he went on to say that Polly invited us to trivia.  So we went.  I was kinda tired, but thought "maybe getting out and playing trivia will put me in a better mood."


I don't really know how to emphasize how much I abhor the trivia girl.  We got there early and ate dinner.  About 7:45 the trivia girl came around passing out the paper and answer slips.  Her hair was dyed two-toned.  She had it done in that ugly fashion where the top of your hair is black and the underneath is bleach-blonde.  It looked stoopid.  I wanted to say something, but I held myself back.

Now about one or two days out of every month, my birth control makes me a raving bitch.  I don't really care for it, but I haven't been back to the doctor to ask for a different type.  So yesterday I was tired, and in this particularly bitchy mood, and I have a lot weighing on my mind.  This added to the fact that trivia girl is annoying and has ugly hair=bad combination.

So the questions were actually pretty good.  There's four rounds and round one was a breeze.  Although it was painful to think that everyone in bar didn't get the answer correct to "Versailles lies outside what major city?"  GASP.  We did.  Of course.

We missed a couple questions, like: "In 2010, the Eagles benched which quarterback in order to start Michael Vick?" and "Which rockstar was in Dune?" and "Adam and Eve had how many sons?" (I knew this one, but was tricked into putting the wrong answer by my teammates) and "In which New England state is the International Tennis Hall of Fame located?" and lastly "David Carroll joined Guns n Roses in 2000; what fast food item does he wear on his head at concerts?"

We got the majority right and ended up with a score of 128/150.  But, I can't stand trivia girl.

It's not just the hair.  There's many other factors.  

1) One of the questions was "What is the capitol of Colombia?"  I learned the answer to this on an episode of Friends.  In season 8, Joey auditions for a game show called Bamboozled! and uses Chandler and Ross as dummies to practice before his audition.  One of the questions is just that..."What is the capitol of Colombia?"  I believe Ross answers the question and says "Bogotá," the correct answer.  Joey responds, "It's Bagotaa, but close."  Funny, funny, it's a funny show.  Trivia girl is not funny.  She pronounced it, for serious, the same way as Joey.  She's stoopid.

2) She plays the worst song selection after questions.  She picks unnecessarily long songs that make your ears and head hurt.  She's stoopid.

3) Suspense is a good thing, in moderation.  After every...and I mean EVERY question...she gives the longest pause before giving the answer.  Example of when this is not necessary: "What does a caterpiller turn into?"  Well, considering that everyone in the room knows it's a butterfly/moth (and if they don't, they have other problems) there is no need for a suspenseful pause.

4) When the song ends and it's time to announce the answer, she decides to strike up a conversation with the table of 10 year olds (not really, they're probably barely 21, because you have to be after 4pm at Melrose) next to her who have the most immature team name and are obnoxious on their own.  Then she proceeds to ignore the fact that she should read the answer because no one cares about her conversation with the immature 10 year olds.

5) She has ugly hair.

Needless to say, I surprisingly wasn't angry about losing trivia, because I thought we did a damn good job compared to the last time we played, but I was mad because my already bad mood was turning into a horrible mood because of the stoopid, ugly haired, trivia girl.  I don't think I'll be returning to Melrose for trivia.

I will admit that my frustration and anger might also stem from obsession with following the rules while playing games to ensure maximum fun.  This is why many of my friends won't play games with me anymore.  Sad face.

Oh well, guess I'll just have to find somewhere else to go.  Or stick with watching Jeopardy in my living room where Alex doesn't get on my nerves, and questions are answered in a timely manner so that we all have fun and learn.


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