Wednesday, February 16

Whopper Weekend in Review

The majority of the weekend isn't anything to report about. 
Friday night we went over to Jimmy and Brittany's and had pizza and Louis time.  Louis is 2 and a half now, and he is starting to talk a lot more.  He ate like they'd been starving...I mean, this kid ate more pizza and breadsticks than I did.  And he's like half my height.  So then we played Apples to Apples, which Jimmy won, but I was the closest to winning I'd ever been, so yay.
Saturday was pretty casual.  I went to see No Strings Attached with my best friend KJ.  It was really cute!  I liked it a lot.  While I went to the movies, I left M at home peeling two layers of wallpaper in his bathroom.  Y'all, this wall paper was stinking ugly.  The first layer was a light yellow/beigish color with flowers and swirly's.  Very masculine for M's bathroom.  Under it was even uglier wallpaper that was similar in background color with small clover-like flowers.  Yuck.  The homeowners who hung the bottom layer stuck it right to the drywall so it was pretty clingy.  M found a place under the baseboard which mice had chewed through to the insulation.  Also yuck.  I would've been content without him telling me, but no.  So Sunday he spent the day fixing the dry wall and I helped him peel the rest of the wallpaper. 
Saturday night we went to dinner with M's dad for his (Paul's) birthday.  We had a nice time at the BBQ place near our house.  I hadn't eaten in the actual restaurant in about 10-15 years, so that was kinda fun. 
Sunday while M was patching drywall, I made a Valentine's day tiramisu (I'm so damn precious, it was heart-shaped).  I got really frustrated because the recipe said to cut the cake part into three layers and I could barely do two layers without it crumbling to bits.  Then on top of that, the coffee/sugar syrup was really hard to spread evenly and then the cream cheese mixture was even harder to spread.  By the time I'd assembled both layers I was sad because it was so darn ugly.  But the recipe called for a kaluha based whipped cream and by the time I'd slathered that all over, it looked quite pretty (I'm a dummy and forgot to take a picture.) 
Sunday was so pretty.  The sun was shining and it was a balmy 65 degrees which could've been 85 for all I cared.  It was nice to have "warm," sunny weather.  M and I ran to Publix and bought filet mignon, baked potatoes and salad and grilled out.  The steaks were divine and our wine complimented it so well.  I would've been quite content to make that our Valentine's dinner. 
Monday was Monday, but I had all day to look forward to our Valentine's date at Sunset Grille, which was delicious and laid back.  They had a special menu, which came with desserts so we postponed the tiramisu eating until last night (and it was freakin' delicious).  The funniest thing about Valentine's day was when I gave M his gift and he opened his card.  He pulled it out of the envelope and said, "I can't believe it, we got each other the same card."  I guess this means we either 1) spend too much time together, 2) are perfect for each other, or 3) Target had a crappy card selection :)   He said it was the first card he picked up.  It was a funny card, we don't do that mushy stuff.
The highlight of the weekend, though, was that on Friday about an hour before I left work, I got a call from a company I interviewed with a couple weeks ago and did an assessment and drug test for, and they offered me a position to join their team.  I requested the weekend to think about it to make sure I was making the right decision.
Sunday night I e-mailed my future manager back and accepted.  I start February 28, the Monday after I return from my friend Leah's wedding in Baton Rouge.  I'm so excited.  I'm really going to miss all my coworkers because we're like a little family, but I'm eager to be in a challenging position with the potential for advancement.  Plus, the Purple Putter won't last much longer, so I'm going to save as much as possible so that I can afford a down payment on a Civic Hybrid.  So excited!


caterpillar said...

I so wanted to see the Tiramisu...:(
Good luck with the new position...

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