Thursday, February 10

Snow, Snow, Go Away...Don't come again another day

It snowed.  Again.  Surprise, Surprise.

It had better be the last time, too.  My drive home took two and a half hours yesterday, which I expected, but it was quite unpleasant that I had to pee really bad the last hour of the drive.  As soon as I walked in the door, I ran to the restroom while M made me a martini.  Glorious.  We spent the evening finishing How To Train Your Dragon.  It was really cute!  I highly recommend it.  Then I took the online Jeopardy test (which was harder than I expected) and then we sledded.  While we were sledding, we watched morons attempt to drive up the icy road at the end of our street with their rear wheel drive.  It was amusing.  

When my alarm went off this morning, I assumed I would take it easy this morning and then head into work around 10. But as the morning went on, I decided I would take a personal day instead.  I was relatively productive.  I played the Sims for 2-3 hours and then burned some cds.  After that I purged my closet of clothes I never and will never wear to take to goodwill.

Following my closet purge, I got dressed and ran to Publix to buy stuff to make tiramisu for Valentine's day.  When my best friend got married in July, part of our Bridesmaids gift was a bottle of Arrington Vineyard's dessert wine.  They do free wine tastings at the vineyard and serve their Raspberry dessert wine with bits of truffles and it is positively divine.  I've been saving the wine for a special occasion because I didn't want to drink it any old day, and I've been craving tiramisu since New Years, so I thought the combo would be perfect after we go to Sunset Grill on Valentine's day.

After my grocery visit, I ran to Target to get something else to go with M's gift and a gift bag to put it all in.  

Then I came home and plopped myself in front of the TV and have been watching Friends the rest of the afternoon.

I'm so glad I decided to take a personal snow day.  Best decision ever.  I highly recommend you do it yourselves.  It's nice to have the house, and a day, to myself.

But spring better hurry up and get its ass here, I'm sick of winter.  Especially -293084928 degree weather and more importantly, snow.


Bouncin' Barb said...

When (if) spring arrives you'll have to take a shock to your system day. haha.

Thisisme. said...

What a brilliant idea, to take a personal snow day!! LOL! You certainly managed to get a lot of things done though, which is always good. I think everyone has had enough of winter now. Roll on the warmer weather! Have a good weekend.

caterpillar said...

Seems like you had a good day....I took a day off last week, and am wondering if I should do the same this tempting...!

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