Thursday, March 3

Trashy TV

In general I'm not a huge TV watcher.  My old job was 8-4:30 so when I would get home and wait for M,  I would usually watch Without a Trace because we don't have cable and there's hardly anything but news on basic TV around that time.  Since this week's orientation at my new job, we've gotten done at all sorts of different times.  Today I left work about 3pm.  This gave me time to run to Target (ahh, love) and to get gas.  I still got home super early.  Earlier than usual so I have no idea what's on TV at 4.  I'm purusing the chanels and have these options: Nancy Grace, the news, America's funniest home videos, Ghost Whisperer (which I like, but I missed the beginning so no thanks), and Maury.  I opted for Maury.

Today's episode is about older men who are dating younger women.  The drama comes in to play with whether one party is cheating on the other.  
So I'm sitting here watching these classy, fine-upstanding, Americans and wondering to myself if there are genuinely people like this in the world.  And since I assume the answer is yes, I have to wonder how people can be like this.  

And on top of that, if these people are truly experiencing all this classy drama, I wonder why in the hell they would go on national television and air their dirty laundry for the world to see.  It just genuinely amazes me.  I know many people liked watching Jerry Springer because it was fake and who doesn't like staged violence and cursing?  But if something could be real and you're willing to show everyone, that's pretty sad, don't you think?  I kinda want to make up a fake story and write to Maury just to see if he'll have me on the show!

Does anyone know anyone who's been on a show like this or Rikki Lake?  I think that'd be interesting.


caterpillar said...

I don't know anyone who's been on a show...but then, fame is a strange thing I guess....and some people might do anything for a little bit of it...

ib said...

I am not aware of anyone in my "circle of trust" (Focker's reference) to have taken part in said programming. At one time, I too wondered why people would put themselves in such a spot, but as I am growing wiser with age (I think) I am becoming less surprised.

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