Thursday, January 13


I'm still struggling with posting regularly now that I can't blog at work.  I have written a couple posts and e-mailed them to myself because lack of internet access doesn't mean I'm busy at work.  The past couple days I've had a hard time finding motivation about what to write.  

Breaking News today...the Zodiac has changed.  Now, I don't believe in horoscopes and I actually think it's pretty dumb that the stars being aligned a certain way when you're born would have any affect on things that happen to you on a daily basis and especially your love life.  My birthday's on September 17th (ya know, if you wanna throw me a party or something.)  I was a Virgo.  I think it ran until like Sept 22 or something.  Well, lucky me!  I'm still a Virgo.  The new sign starts Sept 16.  Guess I got grandfathered in.  Win.

In other news, M and I watched a documentary several months ago on Netflix called Beer Wars.  I'm not an ignorant person so I realize that documentaries are pretty biased, but I still found it informative.  The movie pretty much bashed Anheiser-Busch, Coors and Miller for being evil monopoly beer makers and praised craft brews.  I'm a lover of craft brews.  I like to support local breweries and other small micro brews.  The film discussed revenue of the big three and Anheiser-Busch was basically the devil.  You'll have to watch the film for specific numbers.  Anywho, during the movie, the film-maker had folks in a bar do a blind taste test with a bud light, miller lite and coors light.  They couldn't guess which one was which.  M and I happened to have a sampling of those three beers because of our Halloween party, we got in on the fun and were pretty poor guessers as well.  I challenge you to try it.  You'll be surprised.  I thought I knew the three pretty well...nope!
So after seeing how mean Anheiser-Busch is, we made a vow to quit drinking ANY of their products.  I thought this would be pretty easy.  We went to dinner Tuesday night and M ordered an Amstel Light.  We quickly realized we weren't well versed on the beers we weren't allowed to have, so we looked it up.  No worries, Amstel Light is still allowed.

Here is an extensive list of what we cannot have:
Budweiser (any varient, i.e. bud light, bud select, etc.)
Michelob products
Shock Top, Beach Bum Blonde ale, Jacks' Pumpkin Spice Ale, Hop Hound's Amber Wheat, Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale
Busch products
Natty (natural, if you're not familiar with US. college slang) products
Boddington's (SAD FACE!!!)
Kirin Ichiban
Leffe Blonde
Stella Artois
Red Bridge
Rolling Rock
Wild Blue
Skip Jack Amber
King Cobra
Bacardi malt beverages (oh, darn)
Widmer Bros
180 All-Natural Energy
Monster Energy
Icelandic Glacial (which is apparently bottled water)

Who knew there were so many products own by A-B?  Luckily, I only like a handful of these beers.  Most of them, I've never even heard of.  I will be sad to fore go Boddington's and Shock Top, and the occasional Bud Light Lime (it's the best beach beer.)  Otherwise, this challenge has been fairly easy.  Of course, we have had quite the stock of beer since Halloween with party left-overs and the beer (shit-load) that M's dad took from his grandfather.  We're finally almost done and can again buy tasty non-crap beer.

I challenge you to take up the same boycott we have.  We will still drink Miller and Coors.  They're still hurting craft breweries, but not nearly as badly.  Plus, every now and then you crave a light beer.

I'll try to have deeper posts for you next week.


Bouncin' Barb said...

We just watched that on Netflix last week too! It was very interesting to say the least. That poor woman having to travel bar to bar to try to sell her beer was a testiment to dedication. I'm a Heineken lover and Stella too. I had no idea that Stella was a AB product. Really good documentary.

Thisisme. said...

Can you believe that I've never drunk beer! I'm obviously missing out on something good here. Have a lovely weekend.

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