Tuesday, January 18

Food Block

Do you ever get in a food rut?  M and I are in one right now.

We go through the same meals over and over and now we're burned out.  
Winter is especially rough.  During the Spring, Summer and Fall, M will grill which gives us more variety with meats and vegetables, but in the winter, our options are limited.  Lately we've had a lot of chili, porkchops and veggies, and repeat.  Many nights we are so unmotivated with food options that we eat out which is more expensive and a lot more unhealthy.  

I was off work yesterday for MLK day, so I decided to be a nice girlfriend and go to the grocery because I know how much M hates it.  I had asked him on my way for suggestions.  He suggested a Kroger fresh made pizza.  One meal down.  I wanted to get several options because I find that stopping at the store after work every day is tolling on my budget and my nerves.  We decided on spaghetti or some sort of pasta with sauce and kalamata olives, one of our favorite meals, and we decided on chicken caesar salads.  I wanted to get enough to get us through til Friday when we'll probably eat out.  I found some pre-packaged fresh portabella mushrooms with spinach and mozzarella cheese which you bake or grill.  They look great as the main part of the meal, but I had to figure out something to pair it with.  I decided on beef flavored rice and broccoli.  Not sure if it'll be a good combination, but we'll see.  I was hard pressed for other ideas.  I've never done a veggie as the focal point of a meal.  

I need to try some casseroles because then I can make them up ahead of time and bake them when it's time.  Plus they'll give us leftovers for at least a day, but I usually don't have the ingredients and it's expensive to get everything all at once.
I would love some feedback on easy, filling, fairly inexpensive and delicious meals if you have any suggestions.

I'll let you know how the mushrooms turn out.  I've been looking forward to it all day.
Thank goodness it's almost hump day!


Andrea said...

I know you've seen my Mex Chicken casserole recipe. Seriously...cheap ingredients and easy to make!

Jumble Mash said...

Boyfriend and I were just talking about this very thing last night as we ate grilled cheeses and soup.

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