Monday, January 10

The Apocalypse must be upon us...

It's like this every year.  Or at least every year since I was in high school.  I was born and raised in middle Tennessee, which I still call home.  On average, we would get 2-3 snow days a year.  This covered everything from snow that had an aversion to the ground and was hell-bent not to stick... to snow that clung for dear life, determined to stick around for days (which was rare.) 
There's the infamous Ice Storm of '93.  I vaguely remember it, since I was only 7.  I'm sure I was just concerned about sledding.
Then there's the even more recently infamous snow disaster of 2003.  I was 16.  Most of my friends were still 15.  I remember the forecast called for snow, and until then, Williamson County schools wouldn't close unless there was snow on the ground.  So we all get to school knowing a storm is a-brewin'.  It starts to come down after 7:30.  Not just come down, I would be willing to say it was snowing cats and dogs.  Around 8:00 or so, they decided to close schools.  I'm not sure why, but for some reason I darted to my car.  In my mind, I was thinking "go now and you'll fight less snow!"  I gave my friend Jon a ride home because it was on my way.  I skidded at a stop sign, because I'm a native Tennessean and it was my first time driving in the snow and I didn't know what the hell I was doing.
So I get home rather quickly after school let out, and then I come to learn all my best friends (the 15 year olds...)carpooled to Brandon's house and were gonna hang out and spend the night.  I was devastated that I was stuck 5 minutes away because my mom wouldn't drive me in the snow and she wouldn't let me drive myself.  They would have all sorts of fun without me!  It was tragic.  I thought my world was crashing down.  I guess my day wasn't as bad as the people who ran out gas on the sides of the road and had to abandon their cars.  But in my 16 year old brain, the world was coming to an end.
I eventually convinced my mom to let me go over there and spend the night.  All-in-all, a happy day.
Since that cold, white day in 2003, middle Tennessee schools will close just because snow is in the forecast.  They are so worried they'll have a repeat incident, so they close for good measure.
They predicted snow last Wednesday.  I had to go to the grocery story because we were out of everything (I wasn't being one of those panickers who fret about running out of milk and bread.)  You would think the apocalypse was coming.  Any minute.  I could hardly navigate the aisles as old panicked women and men moseyed through the damn store. 
Long story short.  No snow.
For about a week the nice weather-folk have been predicting a huge storm for the southeast, which just so happens to include Nashville.  Yippee.  Precipitation was going to blow in from the gulf followed by a cold front coming from the northwest which means....Boom.  Snow and ice.  Armageddon. 
Now, I understand that people from the north think southerners are ignorant and stupid because they don't know how to drive in the snow.  "Bhahaha, look at that stupid country bumpkin in his overalls, his tracktor swerved all over the place...bahajdfajkh."
It's not that we're stupid or ignorant about snow, it's just that we don't have as much time to practice driving in it as northerners do.  Plus, northern states have all this neat equipment to scrape snow off the roads.  TDOT (Tenn. Dept of Transportation) doesn't invest in nice equipment like that because we only get a big snow once every 15 years or so.  Plus, I drive a cute little Honda Accord (M calls it the Purple Putter because it's old and purple.  I love her) that doesn't have 4-wheel drive.  I'm not too equipped for the snow.  Plus, I've had skidding/running off the road incidences related to snow in the past year. 
I'm not a fan of snow. 
I was when I was little because it got me out of school and I got to sled and drink hot chocolate.  Now, as an adult who has to use my potential summer vacation time to stay home because the roads are too bad, not a fan.  I managed to get to work today because I'm determined to have more than one measly week for a vacation this summer.  I wanna take 3-day boat weekends, dammit!
So back to the weather prediction.  They were calling for all sorts of different amounts of snow.  Most of it was supposed to hit Birmingham/Northern Bama and Atlanta.  When I woke up this morning, we had about 3 inches in our yard.  That's a lot for middle Tennessee, y'all.  I made the educated decision that I would take my time getting to work because I'm not penalized for being late because I made the effort to get there.  I cooked breakfast while M snow-blowed our cars and shoveled the walk.  I finally got ready and headed to work.
I hate driving in the snow because not only am I worried that I'll run off the road, or something, but I hate that people tailgate me when it's snowing.  I guess they'll learn their lesson if they rear-end me because they skid, eh? 
I didn't get to work until 10 and when I arrived, I learned there were 7 of us here.  7 out of 26.  Now granted, some of my coworkers live where the snow fell heaviest (8-10 inches in some parts of southern middle Tennessee!), but most of them live out west and received the same amount of snow I did at my house.  They're just lazy.  And I'll be laughing at them while I lay on the beach in sunny Florida and they're stuck sitting in their cubicle, suffering under flourescent lights.  Bahahahah
There's more snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow/tomorrow night as well!  Is it summer yet?!
On an unrelated note: Tonight is the national championship.  I should be a good fan of the SEC and cheer for Auburn, but I was born and raised to hate Auburn.  And even though Oregon has the ugliest uniforms in the NCAA, I will be rooting for the Quack-Attack.  Damn the War Eagle, let's go Ducks!


Bouncin' Barb said...

The reason we moved to SC from CT was because of the ice, snow and freezing cold winters. So what's the deal with snow when I woke up this morning? I've never been afraid to drive in the snow but always worry about someone else hitting me. I don't miss that at all. Enjoy sunny Florida. Wear sunscreen!!!

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