Monday, September 27

Weekend in Review

M used to work at the Adventure Science Center, but recently grew tired of his job because of a dissatisfaction with authority ineffectiveness.  I felt so bad for him as he would complain about the team that used to exist within the walls and who no longer got along.  He would describe a lack of energy and fun.  A science center is supposed to be just that--fun.  He used to love his job as their IT guy, but as he lost his assistant in a budget cut, all work seemed to fall on him, all the time.  We'd be at home or out with friends on a weekend or even during the week and his phone would ring.  He'd spend up to an hour or so trying to figure out what was wrong and trying to fix it.  So after a couple months of job searching, applying and interviewing, M has a new job with Concept Technology.  He seems very satisfied with his new appointment and his new co-workers.  I can see a significant improvement in his job spirit. 

So anyway, Friday night we went to Melrose Pub for drinks as a going away party with his former co-workers.  It was nice to finally meet his boss and the CEO who I had heard many stories about but never had the chance to meet.  I was thrilled.  So after drinks and folks started to dissipate, M and I recreated our first date (which started at Melrose Pub) and went across the street to Athens for some Greek food.  After dinner we went home, fed and let out our Sally-dog and passed out around 9 (how lame are we?)

Saturday we got up, cooked some delicious bacon and eggs (with a side of pumpkin bread, of course) and I went to get my ears lowered.  After the haircut, I went home to spend two hours yelling at the Tennessee Volunteers because they forgot how to play football against UAB.  They managed to pull off a win after a very stressful 4th quarter and OT.  I mean, seriously? OT against UAB?  I was pissed.  And uberly embarrassed to be a Vol.

Once the game was over, we went to my parents house.  My mom went to Ireland/London for 2 weeks and I hadn't seen her since she got back, plus she was out of town on my birthday.   So we got to my parents house, where blood bleeds crimson, and Alabama was loosing to Arkansas.  Eventually the tension in the house eased a bit once Alabama got the lead, but for a while I was starting to regret scheduling my birthday dinner after a Bama football game.  Mom had some swag from Ireland for M and I.  She got me a purple Trinity College sweatshirt (which I requested, the purple color was a surprise).  She brought M a metal (I'm gonna guess stainless steel) Guinness pint glass avec handle (it comes in pints?!?). 

I also got my birthday present from my parents--two tickets to see my all time favorite musical at TPAC--Les Miserables.  Brother got me a mum (which I thought was a shrub) and an itunes gift card.  M and I are going to buy some potting soil to plant my mum.

After the game ended, we drove to downtown Franklin to The Red Pony for dinner.  Our service was exceptional (our waiter knew the menu backwards and forwards) and our food was even better.  Dad brought a couple of bottles of wine (because he is obsessed with wine) so we didn't try any drinks from the menu.  We all started out with a salad (brother and I had caesar, M had a watermelon/lettuce type salad, and mom had a wedge) while dad opted for fried green tomatoes.  M and brother had the ahi tuna and said it was delectable.  I had the "Red Pony BLT" which was bacon (one of my all time favorite things), lobster, tomatoes over a corn stuff ravioli.  It was delicious!  Mom had shrimp and grits and dad had tenderloin.  We opted for dessert, of course, and ordered a creme brulee (because my mom's obsessed) and the Boca Negra Napoleon.  I'm not sure what happened, but our waiter also brought us a peach cobbler.  All three were divine.  I would definitely recommend Red Pony for a nice dinner occasion. 

Sunday was fairly low-key.  M and I got up and cooked breakfast.  We watched a British teen dramedy that M likes called Skins on Netflix.  After a couple episodes, we went over to our friends Brittany and Jimmy's to watch some NFL football.  They have a two year old, so I spent the majority of my time playing with him.  He's so adorable.  He loves "hi" and "buhbye."  He now knows his alphabet, so we spent at least 30 minutes drawing letters on a magna-doodle and waiting for him to tell us what letter it is.  After some chili and a delicious ice cream birthday cake from sweet friends, M and I went home and watched another episode of Skins, which freaked me out and made me a little paranoid, so I made M tell me some happy stories before bedtime.

The end.  Back to the work week.  Tonight-laundry.  :(


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