Wednesday, September 29

Dinner with the Cummings

When the alarm went off yesterday morning for me to get up and walk, I snoozed it like I do most mornings.  This cold front we've had the past few days has made me extremely unmotivated to get out of bed (even more so than usual)-- plus I've just been exhausted lately.  The fact that I knew my work day would be positively boring didn't help matters.

I finally hoisted myself out of bed and scrambled to shower, dress, and pack my lunch as I do most days.  It sucks even more that while I'm hustling to get ready to get out the door by 7:30 because I know that the traffic will be exponentially worse the longer it takes me, M is lying in bed, all warm and snug with the peaceful ihome playing calming music.  I have to turn the lamp on to get ready in the mornings, and it makes me feel a little better that the light is probably disturbing his dream-filled slumber.

So anyway, I get out the door, make it to work, and sit here waiting until 4:30 arrives so that I can run to the store to buy dessert to take to dinner at Katie and Joel's.  I sit. And sit.  And sit some more.  The day draaaaaggggs by.  I think it's because it (the day, of course) knew that I was looking forward to seeing my best friend.  The only fun and brain stimulating thing that happened yesterday at work was that Qiana brought her nearly 6-month old daughter, Ava, to work.  Playing with, holding, and watching Ava wasted a good hour of my day. 

4:30 finally arrived and I booked my butt down the stairs, out the door, and across the parking lot at my usual 20 mph.  It has been so refreshing these past few days to get in my car and not immediately break into a sweat thanks to the greenhouse effect.

I expected traffic to be horrendous as it often is on my way home (especially since I assumed it (again, the traffic) would know that I was looking forward to dinner with Katie and Joel.  It wasn't so bad, though, and I managed to get to Kroger before 4:50 (I like to set goals for myself in traffic to see if I can be at so-and-so place before so-and-so time...makes traffic seem much happier, I guess?)  I head to the bakery department hoping to pic up some cheesecake slices or a chocolate log/cake type dessert.  Well, Kroger was extremely disappointing with their baked goods selection.  I could've bought cookies or a birthday cake, but cookies seemed rather lame and a cake too extravagant (I should've gone to Publix!).  So I headed to the frozen foods section to see if they had anything good over there.  Eh, not so much.  I settled on Klondikes, which I knew weren't the best match for lasagna, but what can you do? 

I paid and booked it home in an effort to be home by 5:15...and 'cause I had to pee.   I got home and let Sally out, fed her, and rested on the couch while I waited for two my favorite evening things: M's arrival home and Jeopardy.  Not sure which is more exciting...hmm. Conveniently, M arrived home right when Jeopardy was starting giving me the opportunity to beat him, like usual. 

After Jeopardy, we got in the car and set M's GPS on his phone to Katie and Joel's address.  M's GPS is obnoxious.  Mine, Albert is his name, is much less annoying, but we took M' car, so what can you do?

It was very exciting to see Katie and Joel.  It had only been a couple weeks, but it's so refreshing.  They're so much fun to hang out with!  The lack of wedding planning stress is so evident in their spirits.  I think they're just glad to have that over with and be married and living together.  Katie made lasagna and I could tell she was stressed about it.  The package said to cook until the center was 160 degrees and she was adamant that is be so.  We also had some delicious bread and caesar salad....accompanied with great conversation and delicious Klondikes (how do you eat your Klondike?  They're messy little fellas.)  We stayed for a couple hours and then M and I (who typically go to bed between 9 and 9:30) got tired and headed home.  It was so great to spend time with them, though!  I can tell how happy they are!  Plus, their apartment is suuuuuper cute!

I don't really know what the point of this story is except that when you're looking forward to something, the day always drags by.  It seems that even when I'm not looking forward to something, they day drags by anyway. 


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