Monday, July 25


My office has a workout room with two single restrooms which each have showers.  I typically use one of these because, let's face it, most people prefer a private restroom to a public one.  

I use the restroom a lot during the day because I have a camelbak water bottle, which I fill up about 3 times a day at work.  I'd say on average 7-8 times during the day.  

Well today was odd.  I'm determined that there's a ghost in the bathroom at work.

 The artist picture above is what the bathroom typically looks like.  The red X indicates where the chair typically is in the bathroom.  No big deal, right?

So today, when I first went in the bathroom, the chair was moved.  No big deal.  I left it where it was because it didn't bother me.

Above is where the chair been moved.  An hour or so later, I returned to the bathroom, and the chair was either still there, or someone had put it back, and then someone else had moved it again.


So I moved it back to its proper location.

This afternoon, I went to use the restroom again and the chair had been moved BACK!

I'm determined there is a ghost in the bathroom, who just made it home today, and who likes the chair slightly askew in front of the toilet.

I guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.

If only I could put a camera in there to capture an image of the ghost....


Bouncin' Barb said...

That is pretty weird. Somebody's playing games with you!

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