Thursday, April 7

It's been a while

Sorry I've been so distant lately.  Life seems to be getting away from me. 

Last Friday M went to Chicago for the Cubs' opener.  It snowed and was frigid, but he had a great time and claims he was in heaven.  In the meantime, his college friend Curt came in town to visit, so we went out with their friends to dinner and this bar in Nashville called the Greenhouse, which was a blast.  It's nice to be the sober one when everyone else is smashed because you can help them recall what happened the night before.  Needless to say, Curt didn't feel so great Saturday morning :)

We spent a great weekend with their group of friends.  M came back late Friday night and we had everyone over for a bonfire and snacks to watch the Final Four basketball games Saturday night.  After Curt left on Sunday, M and I headed to Lowes to get some veggies and herbs.  In addition to our rosemary, bell peppers, broccoli and what we thought was cucumbers (really tomatoes in the wrong place) we bought some azaleas which are starting to bloom!  I'm really excited to have home grown veggies!

Work's been busy, but good.  I finally have friends to hang out with outside of work.  I've been watching American Idol (which I've never watched before) on Wednesday nights so that I can bond  with them.

I wish I still had time to blog at work, it would make it so much easier to keep up on here.  But alas, it's not that easy.

I'll try to update again soon.


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